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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your credit card is denied, you will receive an error message. We request you to check with your bank and confirm that you have the minimum funds required to access the card and have no restrictions if you are ordering internationally. At any point, you can contact the customer care team from giftsonclick or call us on +968-90612612. We would be happy to assist you.

No, you need not register to make any purchases.

The description of the product specifies details about a product. Any item, which is not mentioned in the display is not a part of the end product. The additional item, might be a part of the product display for the photoshoot session, at that point of time.

We ensure that every arrangement mentioned on the website, matches the actual product that is being delivered. However, occasionally there might be some difference in the color or shade, as some flowers may be seasonal in nature. There might also be cases (though rare), where the stock for some items are unavailable. In-such cases we would contact you for the same to substitute the product with the one which is a look alike.

You can book your orders via phone, however you need to transfer funds in our bank account. In-case you have any issues regarding paying online, our customer support desk will always assist you for the same.

If you are in Oman, you will definitely see the default currency as Omani riyals. However, you will see dollar as the default currency outside Oman. There might be a fluctuation in the actual rate from the one charged, although we refresh the currency rates on a daily basis. However, giftsonclick is in no way responsible for the same as the currency is just an approximation from the actuals.

If you erroneously booked twice or for some reasons the billing happened twice, we will check the case with our technical experts or the Bank. If there is an error, we will refund the complete amount, which was booked by default.